Maybe Once You Had a Reason

Keith’s musings:

This is a very eclectic album and I think some of my best work. Hope you all agree. Make Amends and Filtered are older songs given a reworking here. Riant and Use It are based on poems by Lily and most of the others have lyrics co-written with Lily. On The Pier is a new rockier version of the song on the Splinters album. We have a little jazz feel in the likes of the title track Maybe Once You Had a Reason and Silhouette, some alt-rock in the likes of Ghost of Molly Hawkins, If I Can’t Be With You and Use It, blues in YouTube Conspiracy Theory Blues and ballads such as Make Amends and Riant.


Keith’s musings:

This album contains probably my most popular song to date, namely George Street which got a lot of airplay on Hastings Rock radio and also featured on BBC Music Introducing: The South

Videos here for George Street, Coming Home and On The Pier: