What kind of music does a Surrealistic Penguin make?

“I swear I have heard these songs in some other life. Very emotionally powerful; endearing lyrics, haunting vocals, rhythms, and piano tones. Beautiful stuff!” — Teirrah Andurzen

“The melody is gorgeous…the feeling in the voice brought me to my knees … lovely dynamics and true emotion, very powerful” — Andrea Crimmins, Now-Recording, Texas

“This is crazy talk! Crazy talk I tell you! What awesome space creature is this? Your production is in a wire, arrangement knocks sox; this sound is just what I needed.” — Moah Sparks, Garageband

“Traces of Pink Floyd, Iggy & the Stooges, Bowie and Radiohead, yet not sounding like any one of them … Great original band” —  Vagabond Road, New Jersey