Tribute to John Martyn

Lord Nelson, Hastings
Tuesday 29th January 7:30 PM

10 years on from his passing the world still remembers the beautiful music of John Martyn. He was not an easy man, but he was without doubt a genius songwriter who has been covered by many well-known acts over the years. During his time in Hastings The Lord Nelson was his favourite pub, so it’s fitting that ten yers to the day after he left us we take this opportunity to celebrate his works with a night of his songs covered by local musicians. We’ll be screening films of his live performances as well… so roll up and join in the fun.

7.54pm David Lofts Make no mistake 8pm Malta Angeline 8.06pm Anna Page Anna 8.12pm John Gaunt Over the Hill 8.18pm Lucy and Clive Bless the Weather 8.24pm Keith Foster Couldn’t Love You More 8.30pm Keith Osborne May You Never 8.36pm Victoria & Hayley One Day Without You 8.42pm Victoria & Hayley Over the Hill 8.48pm Rory Purdey Fairytail lullaby 8.54pm Malta Fine Lines 9pm Rory Purdey Glorious fool 9.06pm Lucy and Clive Go Down Easy 9.12pm Harry Osborne Hurt in Your Heart 9.18pm Gavin Couldn’t love you more 9.24pm Rory Purdey I don’t wanna know 9.30pm David Lofts She’s A Lover 9.36pm David Lofts Small Hours 9.42pm Bear and Martin Man in The Station 9.48pm Bear and Martin Over The Hill 9.54pm David Lofts One Day Without You 10pm David Big Muff 10.06pm Rory Purdey Rock salt and nails 10.12pm Lucy and Clive Spencer the Rover 10.18pm Lucy and Clive Sweet Little Mystery 10.24pm David Lofts Solid Air 10.30pm All together Couldn’t Love You More 10.36pm All together May You Never

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